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Cosmos Tutoring

"The best tutors in the universe!"

Cosmos Tutoring is not just another tutoring website.
What's different about Cosmos Tutoring?

Cosmos Tutoring is a tutoring placement service. Based on your needs, Cosmos Tutoring will actively locate the right tutor for you. We'll also follow up to make sure that the tutoring takes place as scheduled and is really helping you to achieve the academic results you want.

Other tutoring sites claim to have a database that is searchable, but not all the tutors are actually available. There is a bait and switch occuring all the time.

Fact: Many of the best tutors are not actively seeking tutoring engagements.

For example, they may be busy with their own academic work, writing their dissertations, or teaching. But when presented with the opportunity to share their knowledge of a subject they are passionate about, and at the same time supplement their income, without having to do any advertising or deal with the hassle of collecting money, they are delighted to accept a few students to meet with once or twice a week.

At Cosmos Tutoring, we find those tutors!

Finding the right tutor is not easy! When you sign up for a tutoring package with Cosmos Tutoring, you are getting our commitment to provide the tutoring you need to ace the classes that you need for your application to law school or medical school, or maybe just to ensure that you pass a couple of hard classes that you need to graduate ;)

To put it another way, Cosmos Tutoring is student-driven. A student requests a tutor for a specific subject -- maybe second-year Calculus, Organic Chemistry, Conversational Spanish, or Pre-Calculus -- and Cosmos Tutoring will find an outstanding tutor to meet that need.

Fill out the request form and Cosmos Tutoring will start finding your tutor right away.