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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I choose what level of tutor I need for a particular class?
  • Cosmos Tutoring orders levels by the complexity of the subject. For Example, Math: Level 1- Beginning Algebra,..., Level 4- Calculus, Level 5- Calculus II and up. Tutors are expected to be know the subject, and if they do not meet up to our standard expectations, they will not get paid.

  • Once a tutor has been found, how do I pay for a tutoring session?
  • You can buy by the hour or select a tutoring package priced to fit your needs.

  • Once I purchase my tutoring package, what happens next?
  • Your tutor will call you and schedule your appointment the same day. Your tutor must schedule the session online and you must confirm the meeting.

  • What do I do if I have to miss my appointment?
  • You will plan with your tutor by phone a good time to meet and confirm this online 24 hours or longer in advance. If you need to change/cancel this appointment, if you do not make the appointment after it has been confirmed you forfeit your tutor hours and your tutor will get paid.